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Catrina Valentine is a fully qualified semi permanent makeup technician covering Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex & surrounding areas.

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Eyeliner upper or lower lids


Eyeliner upper and lower lids




Lip liner


Lip Blush


Full Lips


Full Face







Re-fresh Treatments


Beauty Spot


£50 deposit payable upon consultation (redeemable against the cost of treatment)


A mobile service is available with an extra charge for time and travel expenses.


Gift vouchers are available to any value.


Prices Include:


  • Optional Patch Test for Allergies: This is a tiny scratch behind the ear to check for any allergic reaction to the anaesthetic cream or pigment.


  • Consultation: Discussion regarding suitability to semi permanent make up. The procedure will be explained along with colours, skin type and design.


  • Initial Procedure: The initial procedure will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour approximately but allow an additional 45 minutes for the anaesthetic to work, 15 minutes for the consultation and 30 minutes for the design.  In essence you will need to put aside about 2 and a half hours.


  • Aftercare: This will be explained in depth and you will issued with written instructions to take home. It is vital that you adhere to your aftercare instructions to ensure that you are not vulnerable to infection once you have left the environment of the clinic. If a treated area is picked, pulled or knocked, not only is it more susceptible to infection it may also effect the healed result and could appear uneven and require more work for which there will be an additional charge.  Catrina Valentine Semi Permanent Make Up take no responsibility for clients who do not adhere to the after care instructions provided.


  • Follow Up Procedure: (4 – 6 weeks after) This is necessary to ensure the longevity of the desired treatment.




All appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance of the treatment.  Failing this Catrina Valentine SPMU reserve the right to charge all unattended appointments to the full value of the procedure.


Fully paid unattended 2nd Procedures will be charged an extra £50.

Single procedures are not offered unless a colour boost is required.



We now accept all major credit cards:

(excluding Amex & Diner cards)













(Brows, Eyeliner and Lips ) for which a 10% donation will be given to NASS – National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society


Prices are dependent on the complexity of the work involved therefore individual needs differ. A charge will be made when the number of required treatments have been assessed.





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