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Catrina Valentine is a fully qualified semi permanent makeup technician covering Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex & surrounding areas.

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To view information on Catrina's Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments, click the images to the left:

Semi Permanent Make Up is an advanced technique for applying natural looking make up and is also known as Micro Pigmentation.  It is a term used for applying coloured hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and is a form of cosmetic tattooing.


During the procedure, small amounts of pigment will be implanted into the skin producing make up that can last for years, and after time fades gradually.  The pigment is made of natural iron oxide and its enhancements are so natural you would never know that ‘mother nature’ had not provided them.


It is used to enhance facial features and is revolutionary in the world of cosmetics as we know it today.  Women, of all ages are experiencing the benefits of semi permanent make up.


The pigments used are non reactive and virtually limitless in the choice of colours available. A definitive time cannot be given to its longevity, this is dependent on the choice of colour, age and skin type.  Semi permanent make up can not be washed off but will fade in time.


However, we do recommend a re-touch every 1 to 2 years, keeping it looking fresh and in tip top condition.  This procedure is perfectly safe and is approved by the medical industry. The equipment used is manufactured to medical standards and is used in hospitals.


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Imagine waking up in the morning with beautifully designed eyebrows, pretty and alluring defined wide awake eyes, and sensual looking lips, lasting years. Just imagine the money and time saved from not having to apply and re-apply regular make up. Most women apply make up in the belief that they look better and feel more attractive, boosting their self confidence. Avoid the hassle having to apply it, at least once a day. However, it is not intended to replace cosmetics entirely, and when you want to enjoy an evening out, you can apply as much additional make up as you desire. The colour is placed ‘in’ your skin and a more natural softer look emerges, leaving you with eyebrows that frame your face, eyeliner giving you the wide awake look and full sultry looking lips 24/7.


Some reasons why you would benefit from Semi Permanent Make Up:


  • Sufferers from Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

  • Loss of hair from alopecia or chemotherapy.

  • Vision impaired people who can not see to apply make up.

  • The ageing process reduces fullness of brows and lashes.

  • Allergies to conventional make up products.

  • Over plucking.

  • New relationships

  • Active lifestyles such as Athletes or Swimmers.

  • People who work enjoying the outdoor life.

  • If you like the natural no make up look, giving the freedom from daily application.

  • Busy people will find it convenient, giving them more time.

  • Those who simply take pride in their appearance.


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“My expectations were met, I love my upper and lower eyeliner and it is wonderful to wake up looking fresh and healthy. I am very happy with my lips; they look more crisp and full. The sensitivity was relieved by the anaesthetic and Catrina’s’ kind approach. I experienced no problems with the healing process. I am more than happy with the result.” - Hayley Lee, Drayton, Hampshire

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