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Catrina Valentine is a fully qualified semi permanent makeup technician covering Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex & surrounding areas.

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Remember never put price over safety!  Always do the research to ensure that by using a reputable practitioner in the first place means that you will never have to go through the stress of corrective treatments.


A recent trend has emerged of ‘mal practice’ from inaccurately applied Semi Permanent Make Up due to unqualified, inexperienced practitioners or those using cheap pigments and unsophisticated machines. Catrina is in great demand to carry out corrective treatments at which she is gaining a superb reputation. Catrina understands colour, texture and shape and is fully qualified with the market leaders in intra dermal micro pigmentation, Finishing Touches, the market leaders in intra dermal Micro pigmentation. She has the professional ability to correct unflattering enhancements undertaken by incompetent semi permanent cosmetics practitioners.


Catrina will spend time choosing the correct pigment to neutralise or alter unsightly pigment that has healed the wrong colour or has been placed in an incorrect area.


Pigment which has healed the wrong colour can normally be corrected by re pigmenting with a corrective colour. This may require several visits to achieve the desired result. However, extremely dark and over applied pigment cannot be corrected and is unfortunately deemed as beyond repair. Less is best.


The cost for corrective work is dependent on the complexity of the work involved, therefore, individual needs will differ. A charge will be made when the amount of required procedures have been assessed.


Existing clients who self harm by picking and scratching out the pigment will not qualify for corrective sessions without further charge.


“I came to Catrina for correction after I had a bad experience with my brows, eyeliner and lips treated with the micro pigmentation procedure in South Africa 2 years ago. Catrina has now transformed my face, and I am simply impressed with the overall change. The results are excellent. Thank you so much.”

Jade Travers, Shaftesbury, Wiltshire

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